Aspect Media is a full service, high-end production company based in Bristol and London, UK. That said you’re more likley find us working in some remote corner of the planet or deep in the back country.

Founded and run by creatives Chris Seager and Jacob Gibbins, Aspect Media specialises in adventure sports and the outdoors, especially all things cycling but are also equally comfortable with more corporate, lifestyle, brand, narrative, and feature length documentary projects.

Our roots and years of experience in outdoor sports have proved we can deliver the desired production in even the harshest conditions and landscapes all over the world.

Our aim is to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution to each project’s specific objective each and every time.

We know it doesn’t always take a crew of 20 and a huge budget to create films that will stay with and resonate with your audience. Driven by a passion for our work and our subjects, we handle everything from concept to distribution and using our strong links within the action sports world we ensure your campaign is not only of the highest quality but delivered effectively to your target audience.

With access to the latest technology including today’s 4K and Ultra HD cameras, motorised gimbals, drones, plus much more meaning we have all the gear in house to make your ideas come to life.  Contact us to find out how.

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Meet The Team

Chris Seager

Chris grew up and still lives on the outskirts of London, a stones throw from the Surrey Hills. Cameras came about through bikes and a desire to capture what he spent most of his free time doing. After graduating from University with a degree in film production it was straight into co founding Aspect Media and the rest is history...Now you will find him on hill sides all over the world with a camera in hand producing content for a huge list of clients.

Jacob Gibbins

Jacob had a childhood split between Lancashire just south of the Lake District and the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, but with a father who loved the mountains it was in his blood.
Bikes came long before cameras ever did but they have both been naturally linked since the start. Since the age of 15 Jacob loved developing his knowledge of moving images and photography, and this passion led to a full time career doing just that right out of school. All real word experience in real situations. Now based in Bristol his love for the outdoors is still as strong as ever and when he isn't riding, climbing or running he is normally in some far away place looking through a lens or busy at the computer editing his latest work.